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Made from the offcuts during the manufacture of denim clothing, which get scooped up and re-spun rather than heading to a landfill site. Using this upcycled cotton fibre rather than growing new cotton plants, Billie Jean saves 20,000 litres of water every kilogram! 


Indigo Denim: 56% upcycled jersey, 14% upcycled denim, 30% upcycled cotton
Dirty Denim: 60% upcycled denim, 40% upcycled cotton
Raw Denim: 100% upcycled denim
Washed Out Denim: 20% upcycled denim, 80% upcycled cotton


Please Note: Bille Jean Yarn is upcycled denim yarn that will perform like most blue jeans, with the possibility to fade a little during the first wash and with a small amount of colour transfer.

Billie Jean Up-cycled Denim

    • Yarn weight: Aran/Worsted
    • Ball weight: 100g
    • Yarn length per ball: 135m
    • Suggested needle/hook size: 4-8mm
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